Sunday, November 16, 2008

Call of Duty 5 first impressions

Without spoiling the game too much for those who haven't yet completed it, the ending battles are positively epic!
Rather long non-skip-able credits at the end. Thereafter, the game rather unceremoniously dumps you straight into Solo Nazi Zombie mode.
Framerate takes a noticable dip in really intense moments.
Otherwise, kudos and gripes are the same as below.

The Good
Most of the graphics are quite gorgeous. Especially the jungle areas.
Very fast and frenetic gameplay. Wave apon wave of enemies descend upon you, almost doesn't allow you time to blink. Makes for very fun gameplay though.
Burning people with the flamethrower is fun! Flamethrower overheats a little too quickly but thats probably to prevent it from being overpowering.
Alternative routes to follow ala GOW. Optional, not mandatory. Its a good idea but splitting up just makes it harder for you to revive one another, so it may be just better to stick together.
Tank sequences are a nice break from the slight tedium of constantly running around. Cause massive mayhem and utter destruction with wild abandon using the flame tank!

The Bad
In Split-screen multiplayer, even though you have squad mates nearer to you than the other player is, they absolutely refuse to heal you.
Your squad mates instead have a tendency of SITTING on your dying body, making it hard for the other player to heal you and blocking your way in general.
Both enemies and squadmates are not too smart, tending to miss each other even when standing face-to-face.
A few areas are too dark and almost impossible to see where you're going. Also, makes it hard to distinguish between friend or foe.
Split-screen does not take up the whole half of your screen, instead it leaves a border above (for player 1) and below (for player 2) the viewing areas.
Cannot revive squadmates, only other player. (minor gripe)
Finishing the game on co-op DOES NOT unlock Zombie Mode nor anything else!!! Seems there are no tangible benefits to finishing the game on this mode (There are achievement points for multiplayer co-op over XBOX Live though)

Very interesting concept, quite similar to horde mode in GOW2 I believe
Killing enemies earns you points that can be used to purchase better weaponry or access otherwise restricted areas.
Strangely, rebuilding the barricades EARNS you points. (Shouldn't it cost you points?!)
Zombie animations are done rather well.

Rank from Beta does not carry over to the actual game as expected.
Hardcore Team Deathmatch only available after reaching level 18
Hardcore mode unlocked only at Rank Level 18 (though only the server needs to be level 18, others can be of a lower level)
Framerate dips occasionally. (Need to test this out further)

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