Monday, November 24, 2008

Ichirou Mizuki

Ichirou Mizuki - who celebrates his 40th year as an ani-song artiste starts off the concert with his hot-blooded super robot theme songs! Tobase tekken! Rocket Punch!
Ima da dasun da Breast Fire!
Mazin go! Mazin go! Mazinger Z!

He also performed songs from Combattler V, Getter-robo, Lupin the third, Captain Harlock, Steel Jeeg just to name a few. I think he sang more than 10 songs tonight very very energetic and soulful performance by him! He even came down from the stage to shake hands with his fans and he hinted that he may bring his own band down to SG if an opportunity presents itself (AFA'09!?) at which the crowd starts shouting "JAM PROJECT! JAM PROJECT!" . He will also be releasing several new albums which sadly will not be sold in SG but can always order thru the internet hehe~

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