Friday, November 14, 2008

Gaming Season

Siren is a very moody horror game. It really brings out the feel. 

Dead space is the most impressive game of this year. I LOVE it. Must buy.

I have just bought another XBOX 360 recently bought 4 games within 2 months. XBOX LIVE is still the best service out there to play video games with friends. Hassle free. 

I am really impressed with Gears Of War 2 but there are still some bugs issue when playing co-op with friends. Had a great time online with people at Brotherhood of the Box. Have been screaming , laughing , shouting at the same time play as a team looking out for each other, covering one another's ass.

After playing Call Of Duty 4, Call Of Duty: World At War seems abit blend and not so impressive. Maybe the WWII theme is already over used. Even though they had used the same game engine. I am impressed by the sound effect. Main draw to buy it is to play it online co-op.

END WAR is really impressive you get to control your units by voice recognition and with minimum button pressing. Talk is cheap haha. Maybe SAF should consider using this to train their officers. 

Fable 2 concept is really really interesting but the co-op is terrible full of bugs. My dog found my very first tresaure which is a CONDOM??? What a treasure.

Bought a blue tooth headset just to play resistance 2 online co-op with KS. But Resistance 2 multi player co-op not impressive. Die very easily . Graphics so so only.  Very buggy.

Finally get my hands on Little Big Planet. Sure is cute and deep in game play. Some user created levels very crappy. I love the Batman stage most. Alot of items in the stage needed to play co-ops inorder to get all the items.

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